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BALIZEN MALA JEWELRY COLLECTION - Featuring and inspired by Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads are made of the naturally healing seed of the Rudraksha tree, that grows in India, Nepal and Indonesia. Known as The Tears of Shiva, they have been found to boost confidence and inner strength and to help with a wide range of mental and physical problems. Buddha wore them, Gandhi wore them, and the Dalai Lama wears them. Our Rudraksha seed beads were grown, harvested and blessed by our friend Agung, who is a Balinese spiritual practitioner.

The legend of the name is that after a long session of mediation, the Hindu god Shiva was filled with a great feeling of compassion for humanity and shed a single tear. From this tear grew the Rudraksha tree, a healing gift for all mankind.

Rudraksha bead rosaries or Malas have been worn by Asian yogis and monks for centuries because of their interaction with body and mind to foster the tranquility and concentration necessary during extended periods of meditation. Modern medical research has shown that Rudraksha beads have electro-magnetic properties that have a beneficial influence on the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

The Balizen Fair Trade Rudraksha jewelry collection, designed by Andrea Phillips, also incorporates Balinese sterling silver that has been hand hammered, cast in the shape of Rudraksha seeds and utilizes other traditional Balinese silversmithing techniques. Our silver artisan team is led by another Agung, a spiritual and spirited young artisan, who is always willing to try something new.

We hope when donning our Mala collection the wearer will feel the healing effects of the Rudraksha, increased confidence, and the good wishes from their Balinese blessings