Vetiver Bath Mat featured in Sunset Magazine March 2012

Posted on September 24, 2013 by andrea phillips

Thanks to Sunset Magazine for featuring our turquoise striped vetiver bathmat in their "20 bathroom style upgrades".

Now I have to warn you may become hypnotized into a relaxed state by the vetiver as it is often used in aroma therapy for its naturally soothing scent. Whenever people walk into one of our shops – they usually start looking like Buddha or the Mona Lisa and say – “mm-mm – what smells so good?” Now the really cool thing about vetiver is that it is a naturally aromatic root so it never looses it’s scent and the steam in a bathroom will release that soothing fragrance into the air. Oh yeah, and cats really like the smell too.

Please don't be disappointed if it shows out of stock - we're getting a big shipment in late April.