working on new prints - Pasadena Bonsai and Succulent

Posted on August 26, 2015 by andrea phillips

Living in Pasadena now for a year and there are many things I love here - namely the trees, and my daughter of course.  Seriously, sometimes we are on our way somewhere, and suddenly find ourselves gawking - saying "the trees, the trees".  Every week I particularly look forward to a visit to the Huntington Gardens. We are members, and get to go early in the mornings, when Lucy's on holiday she comes too.  It's often just us and the gardeners.  I have discovered the perfect spots to do warrior and sun salutations and side legs and twists and finally abs and meditation in the zen garden.  Lucy joins a bit and sketches.  I walk and photo foliage and get inspired for my next print.  

Who wouldn't be inspired by this beautiful place - right?

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